"I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding job you and your staff just completed on the Porcelanosa Project Ramsey NJ. This project was one of the largest projects to date for Edmonds Contracting Inc. Due to the specifications for a high tech warehouse/ showroom, it was a comfortable feeling knowing that you had highly qualified foreman and mechanics to handle all the issues that arose during the numerous phases of construction. We should not have been surprised, after completing the numerous projects together and our continued working relationship, it is nice to know that we should not expect anything less!"

Peter A. Jewett
Vice President of Operations
Edmonds Contracting Inc.

Everyone takes power for granted these days, but we know exactly what it takes to get you running and working. Sure, some people need a double shot espresso in the morning, but your building might need a 1000 kilowatt generator to get through the day. We’ve got your power here:

We are not married to one manufacturer therefore you get the Gen Set that fits your needs.