"The Holder Group has been working with Pascale Electric for years; they have proven to be a sub-contractor that can be depended upon during construction. Their staff are highly skilled, well supervised, and most importantly, understand the importance of a construction schedule. Their ability to coordinate scheduling with various trades sets them apart from other electrical subcontractors.

Vinny is extremely thorough as their estimator and points out constructability issues during the bidding phase to ensure all proposals received are apples to apples and all sub contractors are given the same playing field. It is that attitude every day that makes them successful in what they do and they have become our go to subcontractor."

Take a moment to see what we have to offer. Now breathe.

There is a world out there of reliable, experienced contractors. Our world. Every facet of our operation is held to the highest standards, which means you can have peace of mind while we cover all of your bases.

  • 24-hour Emergency Service, 7 days a week
  • Building maintenance contracts
  • Building maintenance service
  • Bucket truck
  • Design/build
  • Fully insured
  • Bondable